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Evening Worship - Sundays at 6PM

 ancient - timeless - alive

Evening Worship at Old South Church is a blend of ancient and new, contemplative yet bold, song and story. We worship together in the Gothic-inspired Gordon Chapel. The intimate orientation of the room creates a ‘chapel within the chapel’. We begin by gathering around the font; the place of Baptism. We greet God in the setting sun and the glowing candlelight. Through the power of spoken prayer, song and reflection we are invited to lift our hearts to heaven and to rest our minds as Christ is made alive in the gathered community.

God’s Word belongs to the people of God. Each week a different member of the congregation will be invited to offer a reflection or testimony of God’s presence in their life. Our music is simple. Through the cantor’s song we are guided through a time of unity with God. The sound of trickling water and the echoes of the whispered prayers fill the chapel with God’s company.

Our worship together draws upon Celtic spirituality - an ancient worship that exists in the thin space between heaven and earth, sacred and secular, venerable histories and prophetic imaginations.

Come and be called into worship by the beauty of the flute. Come bask in the warmth of glowing candlelight and shared Good News. Come rest your weary hearts on the font of God’s grace and love.

Worship services and events at Old South Church are sometimes photographed and videotaped to document the vibrant life of our church. If you do not wish to be included in these recordings, please notify an usher.