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Adult Education

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Christian education is a lifelong pursuit at Old South. We believe that until God brings all we know to its final fulfillment, there will be more for us to discover about God, about ourselves, and about the world. Further, we believe that the world needs Christians who are well-educated, thoughtful, faithful, and formed by long engagement with the Bible and the best scholarship of the day, so we try to keep our minds and hearts limber, delighted, and open by frequent exercise.

Weekly book groups and Bible studies, special Advent and Lenten series, workshops, lectures, and of course preaching in worship are all cornerstones of the adult education program at Old South. Want to learn more? Check out the options listed below and then don’t hesitate: dive right in!

Get Involved

Associate Minister John M. Edgerton and other gifted writers and pastors in the United Church of Christ send you the Stillspeaking Daily Devotional, a short email devotional of scripture, reflection, and prayer to help you hear God where you live—and other surprising places....
To be a member of Old South Church is to enter the company of Revolutionary Era heroes, abolitionists, suffragettes, anti-poverty crusaders, and poets. Our saints include Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, Phillis Wheatley ... and maybe you! Inspired by the witness of these...
Prepare to experience worship more deeply by studying and reflecting on the day’s preaching text(s). These sessions are led by Old South clergy, who challenge us to break open God’s word and explore how it speaks to us and the world we live in.  Meets Sundays at 10:00 AM.
The Theological Book Group meets each week to discuss the text that the group has chosen. The texts have varied from dense theological writings to simple memoirs. Members take turns facilitating the discussion of the week’s reading. Books are available at the Front Desk; contact...