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The November/December issue of Open Door magazine welcomes the Christmas season. Read it now on Issuu.com. PDF is also available.
Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate Halloween with Old South Church and to support the Allston-Brighton Food Pantry. The evening's free will offering raised $2,200 for the Allston-Bright Food Pantry which works to provide nourishing food at no cost to members of the Allston-Brighton community. If you couldn't join us (or couldn't get enough!), an audio recording of the concert and photos are available online.
Read Split Ticket, the United Church of Christ Daily Devotional for October 28, 2014 written by Associate Minister John Edgerton. (Rev. Edgerton writes the Devotional once a month. Find an archive here.)
October 14, 2014 Council met amid the final flurry of renovations that have been keeping the church in disarray. Progress is evident and the end is in sight! Vice Moderator Karen Hand led the meeting. Rev. Nancy Taylor opened with a prayer by Benjamin Franklin which proved to set the tone for an evening of reflection on the church’s early roots. (Benjamin Franklin having been a baptized on the day of his birth by Old South.) In old business there were updates from various committees. Christian...
September 9, 2014 Following a two-month summer hiatus, Council returned with much energy and with anticipated updates on church renovations and new educational offerings. The renovations to our historic building are moving along. While still a sore-sight and causing disruptions, the project is nearing completion: including the installation of efficient, interior storm windows, central air, and an air handling system which, though not directly cooling the sanctuary, will circulate fresh air and...
The September/October issue of Open Door magazine explores our new Community Hour. Read it now on Issuu.com. PDF is also available.
Last year, following the marathon tragedies in Boston, Newtown Congregational Church of Newtown, Connecticut hand delivered one thousand peace cranes to Old South Church, "The Church of the Finish Line". The cranes came to Newtown from Pilgrim Christian Church in Chardon, Ohio where a school shooting had taken place in February 2012. Pilgrim Christian Church received them from Saron United Church of Christ in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin whose congregation folded them to mark the 10-year...
Read For God's Sake, Pray for God, the United Church of Christ Daily Devotional for August 14, 2014 written by Senior Minister Nancy S. Taylor.
The July/August issue of Open Door magazine highlights social justice in our Boston community and beyond. Read it now on Issuu.com. PDF is also available.
June 10, 2014 Council met following a month-long break. Given the arrival of summer with many activities going on, there was much excitement in the air. A major topic concerned new updates from the Christian Education Committee. Maren Batalden and Rev. Anthony Livolsi highlighted the ongoing transition to new curriculum for the Church School. Since this is a major shift that will involve volunteer teachers needing preparation, it has been decided to offer one program per week at the 10 o’clock...
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