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New England Cable News will broadcast Old South Church's Remembrance and Hope gathering on the one year anniversary of the Marathon tragedies. Broadcast to begin live at 7 pm EST on April 15, 2014.
Read Unity of faith marks marathon anniversary (USA Today, April 13, 2014) by Senior Minister Rev. Nancy S. Taylor.
Watch Old South Knitters Wrap Marathon Runners In ‘Love And Courage’ (April 10, 2014), a CBS Boston report on Old South Church's Marathon Scarf Project.
New England Cable News reports on the memorial installation of our tattered blue and gold tower banners which overlooked the 2013 Marathon finish line. The banners bore witness to the ensuing tragedies and, behind FBI crime scene barriers, they hung for eight days at the mercy of wind and rain.
March 26, 2014 We offer up a prayer in the wake of this afternoon's fatal fire in our Back Bay neighborhood. O God, Gracious God, for Boston firefighters whose lives were lost today, hear our prayers.    Welcome those who departed this life into your gentle embrace. For firefighters hospitalized, wounded and struggling with injuries, hear our prayers.    Grant to them strength and healing. For grieving families and stunned colleagues, hear our prayers. ...
The Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center calls for salam "peace" scarves.   Old South Church member and film student William Wei promotes the Marathon Scarf Project, featuring Senior Minister Nancy Taylor and the Old South Knitters.
Courtesy of The Boston Courant (March 14, 2014)
Read Rev. John Edgerton's debut Stillspeaking Devotional, Far Astray (March 12, 2014). The Stillspeaking Devotionals are daily reflections written by invited clergy throughout the United Church of Christ. Rev. Edgerton will contribute twice a month. Subscribe UPDATE Read Rev. John Edgerton's latest Devotional, You're Not Wrong, Walter (March 26, 2014).
The March/April 2014 issue of Old South Church's Open Door magazine marks the one-year anniversary of April 15, 2013.  
Watch Wrapping Boston Marathon runners in love, hope and peace (March 4, 2014), a special report by New England Cable News on Old South Church's Marathon Scarf Project.
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