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Check Out a Small Group

Small groups are a great opportunity to encounter God, each other, and the world outside of regular Sunday worship. Our groups follow a variety of formats, and meet throughout the week in locations around the city. To find a group for you, check out our Small Group Listings .

Attend Believe | Belong

We practice loving God with wholeheartedness and constancy – and might just get good at it! – by committing to love other people that way. As a means of honoring these intentions, some choose to become members of the church.

Members (as distinguished from visitors and attenders) make promises to God and each other: to support and serve one another, to love and live for God.

To help us reflect on these promises to be made, several times each year we host
Believe | Belong, a six-session series in which prospective members gather around ideas central to progressive Christianity and alive at Old South Church. We ask prospective members to select and attend a minimum of three sessions.

Check out the church calendar   for the next series.

For more information on any of these programs, contact Associate Minister Anthony Livolsi at (617) 536-1970, or anthony@oldsouth.org.