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Who We Are and How We Believe

Who We Are

For nearly 350 years, Old South Church has stood as a progressive, vibrant Christian community grounded in Jesus, alive to the Spirit, and engaged in the adventure of faith. We are an Open and Affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ, welcoming all who seek to journey toward the promised realm of God.  Our life together is animated by our belief in the presence of the Living God, whom we come to know through the rhythms of worship, prayer, scripture and learning, generosity, kindness and hospitality.

Old South is a spiritual home to people from all walks and stations of life, believers and questioners, people from a range of backgrounds and faith perspectives. In our worship, we draw on a variety of Christian traditions, from ancient to contemporary. Through a broad and eclectic program of service, outreach, education, and fellowship, we strive to be part of God’s work of mending the world.  In all things, we rely upon the healing, unconditional nature of God’s love and grace to be our help and guide.

How We Believe

Belief at Old South is best understood as a way of living, rather than as something imposed through adherence to a set of creeds or confessions.  Faith is not a fixed end-point, but a process of sojourning with God, by which we are continually transformed to be more like Christ.  As we seek to model our own lives after the life of Jesus, this way of living finds expression in several key characteristics.  Click on the graphics to the right for more.

Our By-Laws

As a church in the “congregational” or “free church” tradition, the members of Old South Church in Boston are responsible for our organization, administration, mission, worship and properties. We rely upon prayerful discernment, respectful deliberation, our Covenant and our polity to guide us in all we do. Our By-Laws provide the organizational structure which assures freedom with order.

Annual Report

Old South Church's Annual Report is a concise review of the previous year. It contains reporting from officers, committees, staff, the Church School, and the Preschool, as well as on other important activities in the life of the Congregation. The Annual Report is presented and accepted by the Congregation at its annual meeting the first Sunday in February.

Vision for the 21st Century

After many months of prayer and discernment, the members of Old South approved our Vision for the 21st Century, which will inform and guide our ministries through our 350th anniversary in 2019.