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Autumn Salon presents Sacred Voices

September 6, 2019
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Gordon Chapel
Christos Vayenas

Erini: Refuge & Renewal

Curated by Christos Vayenas of the Autumn Salon, Sacred Voices draws together the mediums of music, storytelling and performance to honor the beauty and power of the human voice, and it’s unique ability to dissolve stigma, restore dignity, and inspire authentic self-expression.

In 1922 a population exchange occurred between Greece and Turkey—among the refugees from Asia Minor (today’s western Turkey) were vocalist Erini’s great grandparents, Greeks who had to leave Smyrna and arrived on Crete to build a new life. Today the Greek music and culture of Asia Minor does not have a geographical home; it resides in the hearts of the descendants of these refugees, who’ve kept their traditions alive for generations.

Erini is a 4th generation descendant of Smyrna Refugees, whose music has been passed on to her through her ancestors. This music transcends cultural and national borders, drawing influences from Greek, Turkish/Ottoman, Arabic, Armenian and Byzantine idioms, with many of the same songs and melodies being shared amongst the different cultures. Accompanied by esteemed cellist Naseem Alatrash, Erini will present the traditional songs of Asia Minor in a new light, carrying them forward for new generations, while helping to dissolve stigma and create empathy for refugees and immigrants living around the world.

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