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Boston Book Festival Kickoff Keynote: Samantha Power

October 18, 2019
7:30 pm

Celebrating the power of words to stimulate, agitate, unite, delight, and inspire, Boston Book Festival presents year-round events culminating in an annual festival that promotes a culture of reading and ideas and enhances the vibrancy of our city.

Samantha Power’s life has all the ingredients of a great movie: Irish émigré, war correspondent, academic, Pulitzer Prize–winning author, Special Assistant to President Obama on the National Security Council, US Permanent Representative to the United Nations. For Power, the driving force of her interests and her ambition has been the desire to extend basic human rights to all. In her revelatory memoir, The Education of an Idealist, Power tackles the question, “What can one person do?” with deeply personal insight and honesty. As Colm Tóibín wrote, hers is the story of political power but also of its limitations in the corridors of power, “where compromise does battle with commitment.” Come hear how this impressive and powerful woman grappled with idealism, realpolitik, and motherhood all at the same time. Nicco Mele, journalist, Kennedy School faculty member, political strategist, and poetry enthusiast, will discuss idealism with Samantha Power in what is sure to be an inspiring and entertaining way to kick off BBF 2019.