Architectural detail of window arches on Old South Church in Boston

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In this Lenten season let our hymns, prayers, conversations, voices and votes come to the fore with new resolve as we live out our lives as disciples.
Local activists have been protesting the construction of this compressor station in the Fore River Basin for five years. Although court challenges continue, construction has begun and the level of protest has risen sharply.
As Christian faith leaders, we reach out to share our sense of horror and disgust at the terrifying rise in violence against Jews and increasing public expressions of antisemitism.
MASSLIVE PHOTO STORY Headline: Boston's Old South Church honors Phillis Wheatley, Paula Hammond, civil rights leaders 400 years after enslaved Africans arrive Author: Steph Solis Excerpt: “Four hundred years ago, a group of farmers, artisans and blacksmiths became slaves sold off in the American colonies. It all began with the White Lion, a slave ship that unloaded the captives on Aug. 25, 1619 in Point Comfort (present-day Hammond, Virginia). Boston’s Old South Church commemorated the anniversary by celebrating African American artists, authors and activists. They range from Phillis Wheatley...
Marking 400 years of African American culture and history.
The 350th Anniversary Task Force is pleased to announce that Ralph Watson has been selected as the Snowden School Volunteer Coordinator for the 2019-2020 academic year.
The separation of families at our southern border, and the mistreatment of over 13,000 children currently imprisoned in federal custody, is deplorable and heart-breaking. As people of faith we cannot stand for this mess any longer. And there are many things we can do, today, right now, to bring an end to the abominable treatment of these refugee, immigrant and asylum-seeking families.
The UCC’s 32nd General Synod meeting in Milwaukee has approved three resolutions to help combat the climate crisis, including one in support of the “Green New Deal ”.