Architectural detail of window arches on Old South Church in Boston

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In honor of the 250th anniversary of Phillis Wheatley's baptism at Old South Church, Revolutionary Spaces put together this wonderful video interviewing four Boston leaders.
The Middle Passage Installation of Remembrance presents a large banner (17' x 5') featuring the image of human persons packed as cargo into a ship. Juxtaposed to this cruel, dehumanizing practice, are bold images -- faces and families -- of those who might be the descendants of enslaved persons, or what these persons might have looked like before having been enslaved
Our Covid 19 Blue Ribbon Task Force met on the evening of August 10th to discuss the current situation and agree to new protocols. Led by church moderator Phil Stern, and informed by Old South medical professionals, please find below the new guidance of the Task Force for the immediate future.
In Spring 2021, the Old South Church Climate Crisis Task Force asked its congregation: what changes have you made in your personal life to combat the climate crisis? Below are graphs and tables detailing the results of the survey, followed by a list of other actions respondents reported taking that were not captured in the multiple-choice portion of the survey. Our hope is to spark new thinking about actions individuals can take that make sense in their particular context. Please note that in the graphs below, the bars without a label represent respondents who did not complete the question...
The Old South Church Bell Tower is undergoing facade maintenance and roofing repairs. The construction of the Bell Tower includes stone masonry facades, slate roofing tiles, and steel framing.
Bishop Yvette A. Flunder is the founder and pastor of City of Refuge United Church of Christ (UCC) in Oakland, CA and Presiding Bishop of The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries.
Starting on Sunday, July 4th and going through Sunday, September 5th you are invited to worship with us either in person (in our air-conditioned Chapel) or remotely (from wherever you are). In either case, whether you are in the Chapel, on your couch, or at the beach, we will all watch the same pre-recorded, edited worship services (what you have been used to for the past fifteen months).
Old South will honor Byron Rushing on Phillis Wheatley Sunday, our annual celebration of the first published African American poetess