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Music is central to the life of the Old South community. Music helps connect us with the divine. It stirs our souls and lifts us out of ourselves to see God. Its theology—expressed in lyric and melody—informs and shapes us as Christians. Through musical expression we are invited to serenade our Creator.

Old South’s music programs are rich and diverse, ranging from the splendor of organ and choir, to the emotive strains of jazz, blues, and gospel, to the rootsy flavor of shape note and bluegrass. Our ministry of music seeks constantly to present musical offerings that are both familiar and innovative.

Old South is a community of song. We use The New Century Hymnal, published in 1995, a superb musical resource containing hymns ancient to modern from a diversity of traditions. It is a hymnal “totally committed to a spirit of inclusiveness.”

The ministry of music at Old South is centered on our worship services and other church festivals. Organ, choir, soloists and instrumentalists provide musical and liturgical leadership for the worship of God, and the spiritual edification of God’s people gathered at Old South Church. Old South also offers to the city of Boston a musical program which reflects our mission, through seasonal concerts, organ recitals and other musical presentations.

In our music ministry, we seek to glorify God in all that we do. By creatively interpreting the Church’s musical literature. By using aesthetic means and vehicles which mediate and present the grace and grandeur of God. And by inviting the participation of the people of Old South and beyond, who use their gifts to celebrate, worship and magnify God and our Savior Jesus Christ.