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Winter-Spring 2015: This Ship Sails (Nancy S. Taylor); Journey of a Thousand Cranes (Evan H. Shu); A Gifted Artist: Carolyn Arrington (Earl Anspach); Getting Ready for Old South's 350th Anniversary (Nancy S. Taylor). NOTE: Last issue of publication.


Fall 2014: They Said YES! The 2014 Marathon Scarf Project (Marilyn Adams & Diane Gaucher), A Brief Historical Timeline of Old South Church, Ideas for Old South's 350th Anniversary (Quinn Caldwell, Lael Atkinson, James W. Crawford, Jennifer Mills-Knutsen), Climate Change March (Phil Stern), Driving on Sunshine (Evan H. Shu).

Summer 2014: Remembrances of Things Past (Ron Buford, Quinn Caldwell, Lael Atkinson, James W. Crawford, Jennifer Mills-Knutsen), Standing Up & Staning With (Rand & Sally Peabody), Now I See (Sara Ann Dartley), Making a Difference & Making Mistakes (Pierce McInturff), Summer Book Recommendations, A Tribute to Tricia Hazeltine (Phil Sterns & Sunday School Parents).

Spring 2014: Ash Wednesday Exchanges (Nancy Taylor), A Serenity Prayer for Life (Bill Adams), Report from Behind the Scenes (Amy Perry), Change Online Shopping...For Good (Bill Ragan), Gospel Music: God's Great Joy (Evan H. Shu).

Winter 2014: The City as a School (Ruby Reyes), Bay Psalm Book in the News, Caregiving as Good Doctoring (David Duong), Blessings (Earl Anspach), the Holly AND the Ivy (Amanda Grace Shu).


Fall 2013: Will You Join Us? . . . Do You Dare?, Interview with Anthony Livolsi, Gifts of the Spirit: Elina Rose, Images of God & the Power of Prayer, People of Vision: a Quiz, Old South Church in Boston (a poem).

Summer 2013: Old South Strong, God Speaks Peace to Her People, Invisible Fellowship, Interview with John Edgerton, What Happened at OSC? a Docent's Tale, Do You Miss Your Grandmother?, What's in a Name?, Naming (a poem).

Spring 2013: Ben Franklin, Baptized in Ice, Never Baptized, Her Glass is Always Half-full, I Love to Tell the Story, A Life Changing Experience, Lenten Trivia Quiz.

Winter 2013: The Challenge of Interim Ministry, Praying for an Extravagant Welcome, Finding Sanctuary Outside Our Walls, Severe Weather Preparedness, Beyond the Extraordinary (Carl F. Schultz, Jr.).


Fall 2012: Eyes of Faith: Travel in France adn Turkey, My Life Flows On in Endless Song, Where There is a Will, There is a Way, In Love with Mission, Coming a Christian, Find My Way to Old South Church, Old South History Quiz.

Summer 2012: Old South on a Mission, Missions Work Song, Old South & the Civil War 150 Years Ago, Jacob M. Manning: Soldier of Freedom, Engaging the Pas as Courage for the Future, Writing Your Money Autobiography, To Sing to a Butterfly.

Spring 2012: My Miracle Concert at Old South, Sweet Accompaniment, With String & Pipe, Interview with Ron Buford, Vision for the 21st Century, I Wanted Wings -- Author Visits Italy, On Your Mark.

Winter 2012: Being the Lunch Place, A Birthday Party for a House, Overture, Not Just Pomp & Circumstance, Communication Survey Results, Why We Love Quinn.



Fall 2011: Scaffolding Faith, OSC Mission Blog, Aging, Imagine What's Possible (28th General Synod), the Unofficial Handbook of the UCC.

Summer 2011: Voyage, Vision for the 21st Century--an Update, Walking the Labyrinth, Fear & Awe, Interfaith Dialogue, They Don't Fall Down From Hunger Anymore, Comfort Doll Knitting, They'll Fly Away.

Spring 2011: SALT (Radiant Everyday Christian Life), A Librarian's Life of Distinguished Service, Feeding the Hungry at Old South of the Border, Asher Lev is Every Man, The Eternal That Lives On: Marcus Walker, Breaking Down Barriers, The House That Ate Mosquito Pie.

Winter 2011: Terra Song, A Labor of Love, Butterfly Fish Takes Off Again with Great and Small, Life Lessons from a Cemetary, Renaissance Gentleman of Jazz: Joe Sardaro, Music Makes Me Feel Nearer to God.


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