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Monday, June 25, 2018


Fall 2010: Vision for the 21st Century, Our Trip to Navajo Nation, The Caring Card Drew, Our Building is a Sermon, 25 Years of Sanctuary, To Bigotry, No Sanction.

Summer 2010: A Love Note to the World, Foundation, Update on the Crack, OSC's Howard & Davis Gallery Clock, Going to the Mountain, Visiting an Old Friend in the (Piano) Hospital.

Spring 2010: The Sacred Harp: a Treasured American Institution, Sacred Harp at Old South, Organic Community: Building Small Groups, Small Groups Listing, Angels, Teen Life: It Ain't What It Used to Be.

Winter 2010: On the Road with Jesus... the Refugee, the Cross, The Eagles of Church & State, State of Old South Church, Disturb Us Lord.


Fall 2009: Telling Time at Old South Church, part 2, The Theology of Autumn Colors, Appalachian Mission Call, Welcome to the Bible, An Interview with Jim Crawford, and Stories from the City of God.

Summer 2009: A Musician Without Borders (Calvin Hampton), The Old South Church Time Capsule of 1873, Falling with Faith, Butterflyfish Takes Off, Telling Time at Old South Church, part 1, and A Prayer.

Spring 2009: Still on the Emmaus and Beyond, Traveling Alone with God in India, The Story of the Bells at Old South, Answering the Call, An Update on Mount Vernon Church, Grace & Truth, and Word.

Winter 2009: Talent Show, New Opportunity, Mother Goose Meets Ben Franklin and Sam Adams, Ten Most Unique Churches, Je Me Souviens, and Eighty-Eight & Eleven.


Fall 2008: Generations of Generosity, A History of Amazing Grace, Favorite Hymn Survey, An Interview with Willie Sordillo, Making Room in the Jar, and Miracles: Love 'em or Leave 'em.

Summer 2008: Jerusalem Reflections, Undone, The Organs at Old South Church, and Old South Travel Memories.

Spring 2008: An Interview with Old South Minister of Music: Harry Lyn Huff, Saving Jesus at Old South, Welcome to the Questioners, Blue Mountain Project Update, Tower Tales: a Brief History, and We Celebrate in Joy.

Winter 2008: Complexity, Failure, and Hope in Inter-religious Relationships, The Larger Circle: Friends of Old South, Widening Old South's Welcome, and Mohawks, the Green Dragon, & the Boston Tea Party, part 2.


Fall 2007: A Clown on the Side; A Hair-Brained Scheme; A Trip to Panama; The Pan Challenge; To Everything There is a Season; John Salem Lockwood & Old South; Mohawks, the Green Dragon and the Boston Tea Party; and Colors of Copley in the Fall.

Summer 2007Old South Welcomes Sign Language Interpreters, Reflection on the First Year of Ministry, CMV Named 2007 Haystack Award Recipient; Going Deeper: Discerning God's Call for OSC; What We Believe, Visiting Old South from Afar; Homo Viator; and Canaan Wedding Sestina.

Spring 2007: An Ecumenical Inauguration; Casa Myrna Vazquez Celebrates 30 years; An Interview with Don Wells, Giving of the 6 Discernment Commandments; Visioning and Discernment Questions; OSC Welcomes Ministry of Hospitality; For All the Saints (Tribute to Ron Smith); and On the Occasion of His Release from Leadership (Tribute to Ron Smith).

Winter 2007: You Are Here!; Living Covenants: Part IV Conclusion; Love Works: West Virginia Work Camp; Immigration: Impressions from Both Sides: and Where God Lives.


Fall 2006: Why Media Matters; Abazungu; Feed My Sheep; Living Covenants, Part III, Profile of Solomon Degefe; Old South & HIV/AIDS: a Journey of Faith; 25 Years; and Our Tower Bell Keeps Ringing.

Summer 2006: Blessing and Blessed; Five Months of Sabbatical Sundays; Church Partnership in Action; Artist in Residence, a Memoir; More Living Covenants; Q & A with Rolanda Ward; and Reflection in Thanksgiving and Celebration.

Spring 2006: Church History Comes Alive; We're Off and Running; Living Covenants; Many Ways to Be Like Jesus; Beyond the Storm; and Awaking After Katrina & Mississippi Musings.

Winter 2006: What is Sacred Art?; Dancing; Sixty 60s from the Sixties; MATCHUP Interfaith Volunteers; Handbells at Old South Church; What is Podcasting (and Why is My Church Doing It?); and Happy Birthday Ben!


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