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Saturday, June 30, 2018


Fall 2005: [email protected] - Service Exceeds All Expectations; Q & A with Quinn Caldwell; Church Within a Church: Mt. Vernon; Outreach Liason Reports; A Telling Minority: Spirituality of Older Men; Godspeed to Jennifer Mills-Knutsen; Book Review: Faith Faces Forward II: Beyond the Ordinary.

Summer 2005: Ministering to Our Wider Community; Restoring Sacred Ground; Karol & Me (reflection on Pope John Paul II); The British Came...and Entertained!; The 151st Psalm; Q & A with Peter Southwell-Sander; This is Big!; Is Your Church Going Habit Forming; Song Tributes and Godspeed.

Spring 2005: Conversing with the Past about the Future; Old South's Hidden Ministry; A Gift to our Musical Future; A "Credo" for Our Care Team; The Road Taken...; Q & A with Tadd Allman-Morton; Our Seminarians,and  Tributes to Carl Schultz.

Winter 2005: The Women's Guild: 80 years of Accomplishment, History, & Memories; Interim Extraordinaire: Mission Accomplished; The Story Behind the Diet Monologues; The Ten Commandments of Dieting; Eating Up the Diet Monologues (a Review); Jeremiah Wright: Serving the Present Age; Getting to Know Kate Layzer; Epiphany -- the Season of Light.


Fall 2004: English Inspiration: a Sabbatical Reflection; Proclamation for Minister of Music; Old South votes to Call the Rev. Dr. Nancy Taylor; Two Voices from Distant Shores; Annual Outreach for Liaison Reports; and Fall, a Season of the Spirit: from Unbearable Grief to Bearable Sorrow.

Summer 2004: Old South's Best Kept Secret; Confirmation & the Meaning of Membership; Reflections of an Intern (Guy Pealer); Old South FAQ, Anti-Semitism & the Passion Story; The Village (poetry); and Letters to the Reporter.

Spring 2004: Growing the Fishbowl, Border Crossings; Our Seminarians; City Reach; Part of This Family; Esther & Eleanor -- Not Just Wives; Easter Hats; and A Hesitant Reply.

Winter 2004: Our Journey with God; It All Starts with One Family; Outreach with a Personal Touch; Helping the Garden Bloom; Thanks for the Memories, Lael; A Few Parting Gifts; and Lael (song tribute to Mame).


Fall 2003: Praise: Our Vocation; Like Spring Without Flowers; At the Tip of Our Tongues; The Bells are Ringing at Summer Camp; Worship and Why It's Important to Me; Mending the Real Fabric of Our Church; The Portrait (poetry); and First Annual JWC Lecture: James Crawford.

Summer 2003Old South Literary Journal: Seasons of the Spirit. 

NEW BREATH OF SPRING: Ruah by Linda Dini Jenkins; Jesus Saves! by Evan H. Shu; You gave me my soul by Janet Eldred; The Cookbook Monologues by Thomas Keydel; Saved by Marcia Gregg; 

SUMMER JOURNEYS: Van Gogh’s Universe by Joan Peck Arnold; Jennifer’s Journal by Linda Dini Jenkins; Before the I of God by William B. Jones; Monologue I: Parasols and Petticoats by Thomas Keydel; O God of World Community by Robert A. Lewis; 

THE COLORS OF FALL: A Door Slightly Ajar by Joan Peck Arnold; Monologue II: You Catch My Drift, Right? by Thomas Keydel; Water From Heaven by Janet Eldred; The Sacrifice by Linda Dini Jenkins; delta by William B. Jones;

WINTER INTO SPRING: Christmas Gift by Janet Eldred; M-III: Dancing & Singing are Not My Strongest Suits by Thomas Keydel; Lacy Wings and Other Things by Margaret Bush; If Only by Joan Peck Arnold; My Two Sons by Evan H. Shu.

Spring 2003: Call, A Wonderful Guy is Called to the Ministry; Leadership: It's About All of Us; The Robert Christenson Award; Toward the Prophetic Imagination; The Choice to March; Let's Talk; How Great Thou Art; God Spoke in Ages Past.

Winter 2003: Meet Carl F. Schultz, Jr., OSC's Interim Extraordinaire; Becoming...; Litany of Justic for the Janitors of Boston; Adventures with Theological Books; UCC, What's That?; The 25 Great Hymns of the Church.


Fall 2002: Turning the Tables; Choices, Choices; Violets; Fear Factor & 9/11; Time to Pray; The Foundations of Many Generations; Book Club: Bonesetter's Daughter; and In Scarperia.

Summer 2002: A Brief Retrospective (by James W. Crawford); Valedictory & Closing Sermon Excerpts; Tent City: a Place of All; Memories of JWC; Summer Reading: Pope Joan; What We Will Miss; An Ode and a Musical So Long, Farewell.

Spring 2002: A Boat in the Storm: Reflections on Hospital Chaplaincy; Here & Now: You've Got Questions; Why I Care about Prisoners; Child of Promise; Where Would Jesus Surf; A Mile in Their Footsteps; Tributes to JWC in Song & Word; and The House That Jesus Built.

Winter 2002: Max's Newsstand: a Piece of Old South History; Moments That Changed Our Lives; What Jello & Art Have in Common; Miracle Transformations; Genealogical Treasures: What is Lost is Now Found; From VPPC: Did You Know That?; Prayers for Peace; and Water From Heaven.


Fall 2001: Terror Intersects at the Cross in the Promised Land; Where Was God?; A Worshipper's Diary; Open Door, Open Heart; LGF Speaker: Marvin Ellison; Doshisha Comes to Old South; Amnesty International; Singing in South Africa; and Where Does Our Money Go?

Summer 2001: Graces & Blessings: Scattered Reflections on My Ordination Day (Jennifer Mills-Knutsen); OSC Releases Heroic Sounds; Who Volunteers for MATCH-UP?; Books & Cooks: OSC Book Club Continues; The Doshisha Glee Club Is Coming; Old South is Friend Indeed; Outside-In: Boston Children's Theater; Summer Survey: Wishes & Memories; From the YA Retreat: Dare We Question Authority?; and A Prayer for Everyday.

Spring 2001: Walking in Faith; Kelsey's Grand Entrance; Expecting a Miracle; You Like Me, You Really Like Me; Know Your ABCs, a Profile of Richard Chartres; On the Sparrows; and Sweet Survey.

Winter 2001: Bread on the Waters; Women's Guild Celebrates 75th Anniversary; The Power of Story; Holidays & Heroes; How One Deacon Saved Another; and Lessons from Noah's Ark.


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