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Monday, June 25, 2018


Fall 2000: The Loss of a Dear Friend (1st Parish of Saco, Maine); Known By Their Love; First Parish Update; Old South's Dynamic Duo; Ice Cream Social BRings Sweet Rewards; #2B or Not to Be?; Not Just for Kids; More Than Just a House; Advent Quiet Day; Trivia, Poetry & More.

Summer 2000: The Proper Age of TAOS: an Informal History, TAOS Before the Logo; Romance Behind the Proscenium; Marcus Walker Update; Thanks for the Memories (Katrina Wuensch); Feed My Lambs, Outreach Survey Results; In the Summer, Where Do You Find God?; and Trivia Summer 2000.

Spring 2000: Womens at the Well: Winter Retreat '99: Everyday Holiness; Docent: a Gratifying Experience; Not Your Grandmother's Sewing Circle; TAOS does "Anything Goes"; Theatre at Old South: Does Anything Go?; Trivia, The Night Before Council & More.

Winter 2000: Jesus Christ is the Same Yesterday, Today & Forever: a 25 Year Retrospective; a Classic Meeting Place; Born a Parent; God's Faraway Kingdoms; Millennium Greeting; A Millennial Prayer for Us All; Trivia, Poetry & More.


Fall 1999: "The Voice fo Those Who Have No Voice": Archibishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador; Our "Church Mother" Retires; A Time to Pray; Songs of Praise; Perfectionism: a Modern Angst; You've Got E-mail; Interview with God; Bible Brain Teaser, Trivia & More.

Summer 1999: A Decade After Godspell; Godspell Memories; The Director Reminisces; The UCC Turns 200!; What's Happening with the Endowment; OSC Facility Planning; Memorable Summers; Walk on the Wild Side; Trivia, Poetry & More.

Spring 1999: We Sign to You, O God (the Role of Music in Worship); Churches Slam Shut the Closet Door; Barry Family Update; Graduation Day at Training, Inc.; Starving Artists Opens in Boston; My Cup of Tea...and Yours; How Did I Get Here: a Spiritual Autobiography; Norman, Gothic, Large or Small, England's Got a Church for You...; The Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Cap (poem); Trivia XII

Winter 1999: From Graduation to Installation to a Life of Service (ordination of Lael Plunkett Murphy); Joan Arnold's New Call;Walker Center October Retreat; Edra's Loving Prayer Service;Katrina Crosses the Stret; Creativity, Mysticism & Doubt;Trivia XI(b); The Pageant (poem);The Secret (poem).


Fall 1998: A Year of Amazing Grace; Lael is Shifting Gears; Coffeehouse as Community; The Hail from Dales falls mainly on the Vale; Making a Difference for OSC in '98; Book Review: Dakota by Kathleen Norris; Trivia XI (a); Old Folks are Worth a Fortune (from Dear Abby); Autumn;

Summer 1998: The Priesthood of All Believers (Lenten Homilies); Rick Chrisman, a Man with a MIssion; How Did I Get Here?; Hot Fun in the Summertime; Old South Rings Out for Marathon Winners; Book Review: From the Holy Mountain by William Dalrymple; Trivia X; Perennial (poem); Nowhere Save Now Here (poem);

Spring 1998: Raising a Little Light in Mexico; What's In a Name?; Serving More Than a Meal; Taking On the Challenge of Our Past (Things I Never Told My Mother); Bless This House Dinner & Auction; Questions From Annual Meeting; Habitat for Humanity: How Does It Work?; Outside Fredericksburg (poem); And the Land We Belong to is Grand (TAOS: Oklahoma); But She Never Sang for Old South (Louise Homer); Old South to Revisit By-Laws; Tivia IX;

Winter 1998: Mary Norton's Legacy; The New Old South Church; Here I am, Send Me; Starving Artists (Review) Satisfies Audience Appetite; Visit to a Spirit Filled Place; Celebrating our Community, a Prayer of Faith & Commitment; Taylor House Celebrates First Anniversary; Book Review: Nearer, My God by William F. Buckley, Jr.; Unfinished Business (poem); Trivia VIII.


Fall 1997: The Sabatical Miracle; Family Building; Elsbeth Percy: Disco Ut Servem; Reflection on "A Doll's House" (TAOS); Diana: a Perspective from a Yorkshirt Correspondent; The ANTS experience: Summer Inst. for Theology & the Arts; Council Votes Community Theme; Triva VII; In Freshman Englsih, The Psychology Major Gets Her Call.

Summer 1997: Let the Children Come; Can We Reach Community?; Back to School: an Urban Report (Sabbatical Update); A New Partnership: OSC & Habitat for Humanity; OSC Summer Reading Recommendations; Book Review: The Good Book by Peter Gomes; The Clam Digger (two poems on a woodcut); An Ode to David Garth Worth (poem); Trivia VI.

Spring 1997: The Christenson Cross; The Disability Fellowship; Inclusivity in Action: Lesbians, Gays & Friends at Old South; Lent, Easter, Pentecost (haikus); Have You Ever Seen an Electronic Tree; Breakfast; Angels for Richard (poem tribute to Richard Jamieson Creasy); Vignettes from Annual Meeting; Pirates of Penzance (showings); Trivia V.

Winter 1997: Christmas at OSC Starts Here; Leadership Retreat Report; Key to the Church; On Re-Formation / Metamorphosis; Trivia IV; Thanks Be!; My Fair . . . Pygmalion (TAOS production review); Seasonal Reflections in Haiku.


Fall 1996: The Marrying Minister; Film at Eleven (wedding of Victoria Duffy & Dennis Hopper); Caritas; Recorder Extraordinaire: Eleanor Jenkins; Summer in the City; Seminarian Profile: Susan Gibson; Change (poem); Trivia III.

Summer 1996: The New Century is Now!; The Volunteer That Never Stops (Catherine Dauber); Keep a Little Old South with You this Summer (book & movie recommendations); Review: Bible Stories . . . Retold by Richard Lederer; Our House is a Very, Very, Very Fine House; First Kite; Finding Our Center (anecdote); Trivia II.

Spring 1996: A Thought or Two on the New Century Hymnal; An Indescribable Volunteer Experience; Seminarian Spotlight: Read Sherman; The Virtual Church: OSC Online!; Sam Adams, Indispensable Man; The Original Old South Trivia Contest; The New Century Plan: What Changes Will it Bring.


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