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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Winter-Christmas 1995: Silent Night and other Radical Christmas Music; Saturday's and Sunday's Bread: a Little Bit of Heaven on Earth; Christmas at Old South Church; Christmas (poem); Twas the Week before Christmas at Old South Church; Old South Christmas Pageant (poem); Taking A Stand On Love.

Summer 1995: Our Favorite Summer Picks, Volunteer Profile: Arlen Brown, Finding God in the Summer in the City; Happily Ever After...TAOS Does "Once Upon a Mattress"; Survey Says...; Pentecost at Old South Church; Old South: A New Centry (update).

Spring 1995: Old South: A New Century; Lent 1933: Lessons from King Kong; Prophecy At A Tea Party; Old South Reporter Reader Survey; Pamela Roberts -- Old South Volunteer;  On Stewardship; The Voices of David Mamet.

Winter 1994: The Maid; Meeting Membership Needs; Christmas Bread; 325 Years a Church, 37 Years a United Church; The Making of the Old South Cookbook; Raising Old Glory and the Tigers; Reorganizing TAOS; Gull at Star Island (poem); The AIDS Healing Service: Where There's Hope, There's Healing; . . . Words in the Middle.

Summer 1994: On Urban Ministry: Part I; A Sense of Place in the City; No Saints in This City (poem); 20th Anniversary Celebration (tribute song to Jim Crawford); Preserving Dandelions (poem); A Return to the City; Cities, Supermarkets and Radical Neighborliness; Public Alley 107 (poem); The Origins of Outreach at Old South Church (Joshua Huntington); Return to Anatevka (TAOS Fiddler on the Roof).

Spring 1992: Old South Church and the Great Depression; "Les Mis" and the Heroic Journey; The Camel (poem); Toward an Inclusive Language; A Message of Stewardship; The Miracle You Didn't See (poem on John 2); Building on Faith II; Twelfth Night (TAOS) shows & Hearty Thank You; Book Review: Living Faith While Holding Doubts by Martin B. Copenhauer; Book Review: Worthy to Raise Issues by James W. Crawford; OSC Membership Committee; A Pal on the Beach (poem).


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