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Carolyn Davis

Carolyn Davis
Director, Old South Preschool

Carolyn Davis serves as Director of Old South Preschool, our weekday program for 2-5 year old children which has operated in the historic building since the late ‘40s. September of 2009 marked the beginning of Carolyn’s thirtieth year as Preschool Director. Prior to her work at Old South, the combination of diverse experience teaching 3-5 year olds, addressing the accompanying family associations, and managing a retail sales force helped crystallize an important view for her: the value of building community. She considers forging relationship connectors as key in her leadership approach.

In directing our Preschool program, Carolyn collaborates with a staff of seven or eight teachers; with support staff and volunteers; consults with parents, and helps locate resources for families. Besides work in the Preschool, she conducts workshops on such topics as classroom operations, diversity awareness, parenting issues, supervision and communications. She served as a Field Supervisor and consulted on integrating newly immigrating teachers into early childhood settings. At Boston’s Bunker Hill Community College (Division of Continuing Education) and Wheelock College, she taught administrative related courses and theory of child guidance.

Carolyn is a trustee of The Learning Project Elementary School, a neighboring independent school, and joins with other downtown school heads to facilitate an ongoing family-faculty lecture series and school information sessions. At the Advent School, also an area independent school, she served as a trustee for several years. She holds membership in local and regional arms of the National Association for Education of Young Children, and elected treasurer while on the local Board of Directors. Beginning in September 2010, she will join the Community Partnerships for Children Governing Council, a program coordinated by Boston Public Schools to ensure access to high quality early education for Boston’s children.

Appreciating the ways of young children, Carolyn offers this: “Children are inspiring.  I love their energy and the diversity of responses when they encounter life’s offerings. In particular, I delight in witnessing their accommodating shifts as they construct knowledge through challenging engagement.”

Carolyn’s interests and passions are wide and varied: museums, architecture, road trips, sports of all sorts, music and book groups. Learning new things such as the art of tapestry restoration ranks high as well and most recently she added fly fishing and kayaking as things to try. Carolyn credits Tennessee and North Carolina with shaping her during her developing years and Minnesota with commencing the journey of expanding during college years. She continues to enjoy the environs of the Boston area as home, now for over forty years.