John M. Edgerton

John serves as an Associate Minister, with a focus on how we live out our faith beyond the church's doors. John is a board member for the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, focusing on broad-based, interfaith, multi-racial community organizing. John supervises Old South Church's seminary interns and mentors people seeking to become ministers. Since 2013, John has written for the UCC's Stillspeaking Writer's Group, contributing to the daily denomination-wide morning devotional. John received his M. Div. from the University of Chicago Divinity School, focusing on biblical studies, preaching, and the intersection of faith and public life.

Originally from Chicago, John and his Brooklyn-born wife, Heather, live in West Roxbury. They love life in the city and are excited to have another great American metropolis to explore together. Their household is complemented by an elderly cat who sneezes a good deal more than most. In the evenings, John will most likely be found in the kitchen cooking dinner. For fun, Heather and John play a wide variety of German board games which eliminate the element of chance. But now that they have a young daughter they spend their free time exploring the big questions. Questions like where, exactly, the wild things are and why dragons love tacos but hate spicy salsa.


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