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Check Out a Small Group

Small groups are a great opportunity to encounter God, each other, and the world outside of regular Sunday worship. Our groups follow a variety of formats, and meet throughout the week. Find a group that's right for you! .

Explore Membership

We practice loving God with wholeheartedness and constancy – and might just get good at it! – by committing to love other people that way. As a means of honoring these intentions, some choose to become members of the church.

Members (as distinguished from guests or periodic attenders) make promises to God and to each other: to support and serve one another, to love and live for God, to work for the welfare of church and city. Members are those who have committed, those who can be counted on, to continue Old South’s mission of justice-making in Jesus’ name.

To help us reflect on these promises to be made and to explore the common life of the congregation, we offer Connections Lunch.

For more information on any of these programs, contact Associate Minister Anthony Livolsi at (617) 536-1970, or [email protected].