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Healing Worship - 2nd Sundays at 10AM

“We must delight in each other. Make other’s conditions our own. Laugh together. Weep together. Always having before our eyes our community, as members of the same body.”  —John Winthrop, First Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony

Looking for a place to “unplug” and simply rest in the stillness of God’s love and care? Longing for a quiet time to explore with others how God’s mystery of grace and healing may be beckoning you to a new awareness? Come join us for Healing Worship on the second Sunday of each month at 10 a.m. Flanked by angels, hand-knitted prayer shawls, candles, stained glass, and the presence of saints past and present, the Children’s Chapel offers a welcome place for this intimate service.

In Healing Worship, we are “keeping a window open for the Spirit.” As we gather in the presence of God’s healing love and each other’s care, we are offered new perspectives on the healing power of God. We acknowledge that healing may not always be the same as curing; that healing is often not so much forcing our way, but being open to receive from God that which we truly need in our moments of anxiety, pain, loss, or despair.

God’s sometimes mysterious ways ask us to take time for reflection and quiet prayer. We learn to wait together for the Spirit to move within and among all of us gathered. We pray for the healing of broken bodies, broken minds, and broken spirits. We light candles and take time for silence. We learn together to trust in the Spirit for ways to be open to healing of body, mind, and spirit, and restored hope and joy. You are invited to participate as much as you feel comfortable.

Please join us for this time of gentle reflection, quiet contemplation, and waiting upon God’s healing power as we open ourselves to the Love that is with us in all circumstances and from which nothing can separate us.