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Upcoming Announcements

SUNDAY AT OLD SOUTH: October 4th, 2015

First Worship Choir rehearses at 8:30 am to learn a simple song. Come-as-you-can each week. For more information, email [email protected].

Blessing of the Animals On St. Francis Sunday we will celebrate a service in celebration and thanksgiving for the animals that give us so much joy. Furry, scaly and slimy beasts are welcomed. We will bless each animal and each relationship. And, indeed, we bless God for the gift of these loving, forgiving, and beautiful animals.

Connections Luncheon - Interested in church membership? Learn more about what it means to make Old South your spiritual home. Join our clergy for a time of conversation and sharing. Meet others new to the community. Explore the rich history of this congregation. Get plugged into program offerings and service opportunities. For information, email [email protected]. Next session: Sunday, October 4th, 12:30 pm.

Community Hour at 10 am will offer a variety of educational opportunities for children, youth and adults between the two morning services.

For Children:
Infants through grade 2 are welcome in our childcare ministries beginning at 8:40 am. Care is available uninterrupted through First Worship, Community Hour, and Festival Worship.

Our Montessori-style Godly Play program invites children to see themselves as active participants in the story of faith. Today’s stories: Preschool (age 3 and up) - Getting Ready to Be With God, Early Elementary (Grades K - 2) - Creation, and Older Elementary (Grades 3 - 6) - Creation

For Youth: Students in 7th - 12th grades meet on Sundays from 9:45 am to 11:00 am with youth leader Jackie Geilfuss. They explore issues of life and faith on Sunday mornings, and participate in service projects and go on retreats at other times throughout the year. Youth Group runs Old South's pancake breakfasts and Youth Sunday worship service.

For Adults: Ever think, ‘Man, the God of the Old Testament sure is mean!’ or ‘Jesus replaced a religion of laws with one of love.’? Join Judaism and Christianity in Conversation at 10 am on October 4. How we as Christians think and talk about our own faith has affected, often for the worse, our Jewish neighbors. Together, we will explore what a more appreciative relationship might look like.

Sunday Bible Study reflects on the day’s preaching text at 10 am in the fourth floor Sam Johnson Room.


Theological Book Group Mondays at 6 pm. We will study John Dominic Crossan's How to Read the Bible and Still be a Christian: Struggling with Divine Violence from Genesis to Revelation. Crossan, an acclaimed biblical scholar, deals with the Bible's two conflicting visions of Jesus and God; one a loving God, and one a vengeful God, and ways to discern which one to trust and follow. Sign up at the Front Desk (books are $17.00). If you download the book, email to add your name to the list. We limit the group to allow for maximum discussion. For more information, contact Don Wells, [email protected].

Thursday Night 7 pm Study Offerings:

Fun-and-Not-Scary, at-a-Snail's-Pace Read Through of the Whooooole Bible.We are sinking our teeth into the scriptures, taking them chapter by chapter, and book by book, skipping nothing... not even the genealogies (because there is cool, interesting stuff in them, too!). Reading the Bible through in this way -- called lectio continua -- opens up a new world of allusions, parallels, and rich insights.

‘Digging Deeper’ Book Group -Seeing Judaism Anew: Christianity’s Sacred
meets on Thursdays at 7pm. In Sunday morning preaching and 10am Community Hour series, Old South will explore new ways of understanding and engaging the Judaism which birthed our own Christian faith. If this piques your interest and leaves you wanting more, join in for a 4-week ‘Digging Deeper’ reading group, as we wrestle with essays from Seeing Judaism Anew: Christianity’s Sacred Obligation. Space is limited. Sign up ASAP by emailing [email protected]

Young Adult Book Group meets Thursdays at 7pm. Graduate students and young professionals gather for spirited, searching discussion... and pretty darn hilarious company. For more information, email [email protected]


The Rolling Food Drive is collecting cereal to benefit the Allston-Brighton Food Pantry.

Tuesdays, 4:30 - 6 pm @ Casa Myrna Vasquez, Dorchester Center Participate in educational sessions with the young mothers including gardening, nutrition and cooking, and health and parenting skills. For more information or to RSVP, email [email protected].

Help Syrian Refugees—Christian Service and Outreach Committee has a challenge for Old South, they will match congregational giving of up to $1,500 to help Syrian refugees. In recent weeks, the tragic plight of refugees fleeing the civil war in Syria has been front and center in the media. The images have been heartbreaking and it is hard to know what to do in the face of such suffering. But did you know that the United Church of Christ (the denomination this congregation is a part of) has been working for years supporting Syrian refugees? Through partnership in Jordan and Lebanon, our Global Ministries Office has been on the ground for years making a difference. You gift to our Global Ministries work in Syria will be doubled if you make a gift today, Please place your gift in the envelope provided.


All-Church Retreat The 3rd annual Old South Church Retreat will take place over Columbus Day weekend, October 9th-11th, at Craigville Retreat Center on Cape Cod. Join multi-generations as we take time to play, learn, and pray together -- emphasis on PLAY! Come and spend some time with your church family at the beach. For more information, email [email protected].