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  • Open the Order of Worship (Sunday Bulletin) before the service begins by clicking above
  • If you have a printer at home, print out the bulletin prior to the service to make it easier to follow along
  • If you don't have a printer, consider watching the livestream on one device like a laptop or TV, and pulling up the bulletin PDF on another device like your phone
  • If you're having trouble loading the video (i.e. it keeps freezing, the audio isn't working, etc.) try waiting until the service is over and then watching the video
  • If the video isn't working well on Vimeo, see if it works better on Facebook Live at (or vice versa)
  • Try not to use your wifi for other things simultaneously, and close the rest of your tabs and programs on your computer
  • If you find the comments section distracting, click on the "full screen" icon in the bottom righthand corner of the screen




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