Music at Old South Church
Music at Old South Church
Music at Old South Church


Even amidst the flood of change necessitated by the unprecedented scale of the novel coronavirus pandemic, few areas have been more greatly effected than the performing arts. Musicians, dancers, actors — artists of every type — are accustomed to preparing works for performance in rehearsals that bring many together in close quarters; performances themselves often take place in indoor venues filled with audiences.

Worship, whether grand and expressive or intimate and reflective, is a tableau comprised of all the arts in various measures, and we lament the loss of the visceral sensation that comes from participating in these sacred acts shoulder to shoulder. Yet, despite the vicissitudes, we at Old South Church have doubled-down on the care of our communities, and are committed to providing spaces and opportunities for interaction and growth.

During this interim period, all of our ensembles have moved online, with regular opportunities for engagement and socialization via Zoom and on other platforms. Interested in participating? Email one of our program directors for more information:

  • Festival Choir and First Singers: contact Mitchell Crawford (
  • Old South Gospel Choir: contact Tim Harbold (
  • Children and Families: contact Amy Budka (
  • The Old South Ringers: contact Peter Coulombe (

This Fall, the Old South Festival and Gospel Choirs will be making music virtually. Anyone, regardless of location, can participate in this process, so we invite you to help bolster our digital ranks! For more information, reach out to Mitchell or Tim. 

Music Offerings at Old South Church

Old South is home to a vibrant array of vocal, choral, and instrumental music in worship and concerts. We believe music to be a primary means by which we worship, love, and serve God, and acknowledge its unique ability to “thin the veil” between Earth and Heaven. No matter your age or ability level, there is a place for you in our music ministry. Find out more about our ensembles and programs in the sections below.

Choirs and Ensembles

Festival Choir

Rehearse: Thursdays, 6:30 to 8 p.m.; Sundays, 10 to 10:45 a.m.

For those able to commit to regular rehearsal attendance, Festival Choir offers unparalleled opportunities to explore and perform a dazzling array of choral literature at a high level. Our dedicated group of volunteer singers supported by Old South’s professional Choral Fellows presents music each week at Festival Worship from September through June, as well as for special services during Christmas and Holy Week.

Summer Choir: Beginning in June and continuing through Labor Day, Festival Choir suspends Thursday rehearsals, inviting all who wish to join us Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. to rehearse music for that day in worship.

Contact Mitchell Crawford ( for more information.