Adult education opportunities at Old South Church, including Small Groups
Adult education opportunities at Old South Church, including Small Groups
Adult education opportunities at Old South Church, including Small Groups


Christian faith is shaped and matures, in part, through sustained reflection on matters of spiritual, theological, and biblical concern. Drawing upon the best of Christian tradition, ancient and modern, we pursue God’s call to justice and mercy. At Old South Church, we are formed by God to transform the world.

Join us on the journey of discipleship. Share with us in sacred reading, gentle listening, and holy conversation.

10 a.m., between First Worship & Festival Worship

The Forum
This casual, no-commitment, come-when-you-can forum hosts monthly series on a variety of topics. Clergy, lay, and special guests share in leading sessions, some of which have included: Judaism and Christianity in Conversation, Islam 101, Exploring White Privilege, Meeting John Calvin Again for the First Time, Christian Reflection on Life and Death, and Old South at the Oscars. 

Sunday Bible Study
Delve into the day’s scripture passage heard in worship. Led by our ministerial staff, this no-homework Bible study delights in taking a scholarly look at ancient texts. Don’t leave your questions at the door; we need them.


If you seek to deepen your experience of community, cultivate spiritual friendships, and grow in your faith, consider joining a Small Group.

Seasonal, member-led Small Groups
These groups form and re-form throughout the year. We ask participants to commit to three months (more or less – hey, life happens!) of weekly meetings. It is our experience that this is about how long it takes to make spiritual, relational magic happen. After three months’ time, groups may decide to recommit to one another and continue gathering, or to disband. For more information, visit the Small Groups page.

"Fun-and-Not-Scary, at-a-Snail’s-Pace Read Through of the Whole Bible" Study
Thursdays 7 p.m. Led by Rev. Shawn Fiedler
This group gathers weekly to study – and savor – the scriptures: to take them chapter by chapter, book by book, skipping nothing ... not even the genealogies (because there is cool, interesting stuff in them, too!). Reading the Bible through in this way – called lectio continua – opens up a new world of allusions, parallels, and rich insights. Join us and get ready to geek out!

Theological Book Group
Mondays 6 p.m. Led by Rev. Donald Wells
This intrepid band of brainy, curious readers does not shy away from big ideas or provocative issues; they take up challenging books on the cutting-edge of Christian theology. If you ever felt like church was a place you had to “check your brain” at the door, then this group of daring thinkers, led by our Theologian in Residence, might just recall you to the adventure that is loving God with all your mind.

Women's Daytime Small Group
Thursdays 12 p.m.
Join this community of women in reading and reflecting together on faith and life, and enjoying spiritual friendships. New members are always welcome. Email for information.

Men's Discussion Group
Wednesdays 12 p.m.
If you’re interested in discussing the news of the day, theology, faith, or other big ideas and issues with men from Old South, drop by any Wednesday from 12-1 p.m. at the church. This group is casual and come-as-you-can. Email for information.