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Humbled by the vast mystery of God, we are ever engaged in deep and authentic spiritual inquiry. We believe there is always more of the truth to behold, more beauty to savor, more joy to taste, more kindness to share, more peace to know. Through the arts of study and prayer and service, we aspire to love God “with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.”

For information on learning opportunities such as small groups, church school, and more, visit the Adult Education page or the Children & Families page.

My fellow pilgrims are the special sauce that makes it all work...They are welcoming, diverse, profound, humorous — and occasionally raucous.”
The group has become my core - the place I know I can come every week to vent, ask questions, share stories, and feel a part of something important.”
Meet the Ancestors is the best way to learn about the Bible. I've made new friends, and the teachers are very connected with our lives.”

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No discussion of Dr. Stafford’s ministry is complete without talking about the role he played in building Old South’s governance, building, and community. He established the Board of Trustees and several committees,…

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The July meeting opened on a bittersweet note as Council discussed the daunting task of filling t

Who Are We to Judge?

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Highlights from the Reverend Jacob Manning’s Letters to the Boston Journal

The Reverend Jacob Merrill Manning, Old South’s 15th Senior Pastor was a staunch abolitionist. He was eager to serve as a chaplain for the Union army...