Sacraments & Ceremonies

A Christian’s journey from birth through death and onto new life is a serious, intentional undertaking in the presence of God. As a church we honor these stages with ritual and ceremony.


Through the sacrament of Christian baptism, we are marked by grace with the waters of life and welcomed into the circle of Christ’s church. Virtual Baptisms are now being arranged. To view a virtual baptism, click here. Email for more information.


Communion is celebrated throughout the year. On Communion Sundays, worshipers are invited to prepare a simple communion of bread and juice, wine, or water. To learn more about how we celebrate Communion online, click here. Communion is always open to all who wish to receive it. We do this to remember the meal shared between Christ and the disciples.


Our youth embark upon an intentional spiritual journey of their own in the company of peers and adult guides. They are challenged to answer the question: is this the faith I claim for myself? Our next confirmation class will convene Sept. 2021 for 7th and 8th grades. Contact for more information.


It’s one thing to stand on the sidelines. It is another thing altogether to jump in, roll up one’s sleeves, and enter deeply into the life and ministry of an intergenerational, multicultural community of God’s people. Will you join us? Do you dare?  Online info sessions and joining are happening! Contact for more information.


We believe in weddings, in love, and in the brave vows of marriage! Our gorgeous building (elaborately ornamented sanctuary, or our simple stone chapel) might be what you have been looking for. In keeping with our values of inclusivity, we welcome all: straight, gay, inter-religious, non-believers, marrying for the first time or another time around – we are happy to help you make your commitment to each other. While weddings are still happening during this time, guidelines are evolving due to COVID-19 Health & Safety precautions. Visit our Wedding Venue page and email for more information.

Funerals & Memorial Services

We believe in marking the transition from this life to the next with abundant thanksgiving and tears; with prayers, music, words, remembering; and with God’s promise of resurrection. Here, in this family of God, hope springs eternal. Here, hope is infectious. It is our honor to hold and minister to you in this time. Contact for more information.

Burial in the Robert C. and Coley K. Elder Memorial Columbarium

Christian faith was born in a graveyard. It was at the tomb that the women of the New Testament heard the news of Jesus: He is risen! Our columbarium is a repository of urns (cremated remains). Here we hold our loved ones close and can visit the site of their burial. Contact for more information.

Inside of the Columbarium we have installed a Memorial Tree. Thanks to many sponsors, it currently bears the names of seventy-three members of this church who were enslaved or of African descent who lived in the 1600s and 1700s and whom, so far as we know, were not buried in marked graves.

A directory of the Columbarium is now online. The website, Find a Grave, is an online source for locating the graves or in our case the memorial niches, of loved ones. The remains of Old South's loved ones are located there and are searchable for families and friends.

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