My people will abide in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places.
Isaiah 32:18
What's at Stake

In Boston, there is great prosperity and greater need. Shining skyscrapers tower over those sleeping on the streets. People have to work long hours or multiple jobs just to afford an apartment. Home ownership is a primary way of gaining financial security. For many, owning a home is completely out of reach. Racist discrimination in lending and housing have locked out people of color from home ownership for decades. A staggering Boston Globe report showed that the average net worth of Boston’s African American families is eight dollars ($8.00).

What We're Doing

We are working with the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization and the City of Boston to help 1,000 families become first time homeowners between 2019-2024. We work with City Mission to support rent-burdened single mothers who are in danger of losing their housing. A peer-community support model, this program helps dozens of families a year stay in their homes and get on the path to financial stability. We develop relationships of mutual respect with people living on the street. We meet some of society's most vulnerable people where they are, fostering hope. These efforts build on decades of affordable housing initiatives led by Old South Church.

What You Can Do
Volunteer with City Mission
Mentor a single mother, give to the coat drive, be part of a storytelling workshop
Join Old South’s GBIO Team
Our key community organizing partner, Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, works on local and state levels. We achieve substantive policy wins using proven organizing strategies.
Volunteer with common cathedral
Worship outside along with unhoused people, build relationships with unhoused people at Boston Warm, take part in common art projects.
Volunteer as an Usher
Housed and unhoused people share pews during worship. Ushering is the most direct way you can welcome unhoused people and let them know that they are valued.
Give to the Church
We’ve been at this for a long time.


Old South Church Displays Memorial, Community Art Project for Homeless Dead

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Latest News

Old South Church, Boston Properties reach agreement on housing & preservation

We are grateful to the Mayor and the City of Boston staff for taking the long view in this agreement for the Back Bay/South End Gateway Project

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