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  • The live event links (first section on this page) only play video when the event is happening in real time. If you visit the link before or after the service, you will not see a video there. To watch live, tune in to:
    • Jazz Worship on Thursdays at 6pm
    • All-Church Worship on Sundays at 10am
    • Comunity Hour on Sundays at 11am
  • Once a service ends, it is typically available to watch a few hours later (buttons in the second section on this page)
  • If you're having trouble loading the video (i.e. it keeps freezing, the audio isn't working, etc.), try waiting a few hours then watching from the "Watch Previous Services" section
  • If the video isn't working well on Vimeo, see if it works better on Facebook Live at (or vice versa)
  • Try not to use your wifi for other things simultaneously, and close the rest of your tabs and programs on your computer