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Meeting the Ancestors with Quinn

September 12, 2018

Curious about opportunities for Middle Schoolers at Old South Church? Here's Quinn's thoughts on why he loves 'Meet the Ancestors', a Bible study class for 6th and 7th graders taking them through the Old Testament and New Testament.

In my opinion, Meet the Ancestors is the best way to learn about the Bible. I have made new friends in the class, and find the class very informative. The teachers are great, funny, and are very connected with our lives. My experience in this class has been great, and I'm glad I'm doing it again this year. The teachers use videos and Bible passages to inform us about our ancestors in the Bible. The class usually begins with a check-in and chat about how our weeks have been going, and then we watch a video. Next we read a Bible passage and discuss the story and characters. Finally, we sort the characters into Hogwarts houses.