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Climate Change Task Force Ramps Up

The Climate Change Task Force put on a Community Hour Series entitled "Restoring God's Creation: A Challenge to Make a Difference". Because climate change is the existential and moral challenge of our time, the Task Force seeks to increase awareness and understanding of the issues and to galvanize the congregation to be environmental stewards, both individually and collectively. They take inspiration from Jim Antal's book Climate Church, Climate World: "As urgent as our crisis is, God offers us the courage we need to address the greatest moral challenge humanity has ever faced.  With God's help, we can do this together".

The series included three sessions. The first was entitled "Environmental Stewardship Starts at Home". Rouwenna Altemose, Co-Founder of All in Energy, described how energy is used and wasted in residences and what we can do about it. The second was called "Who is a Creation Care Voter?" and detailed how our voices are heard and why our vote counts in the setting of climate policies. It was led by Nathaniel Stinnett, Executive Director of the Environmental Voter Project. The third session, entitled "Chuck the Throw Away Mindset", reviewed our choices to lighten our impact on God's creation, and was led by the OSC Climate Task Force.

Church Council approved the formation of the Climate Change Task Force in September 2018 to support broader education and action on environmental issues on behalf of God whose Creation we were are imperiling with our prodigal ways. Son after, the Task Force decided to take part in the Green Congregation Challenge.

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