Emmett Price and June Cooper to Receive the Open Door Award on Phillis Wheatley Sunday

On Sunday, May 8th, the historic Old South Church in Boston will present their Open Door Award to the Rev. Dr. Emmett Price III and Rev. June R. Cooper. The inaugural dean of Africana Studies at Berklee College of Music, Dr. Price, a riveting preacher, is an internationally recognized expert on Black music and culture, Afro-diasporic sacred and secular expressions, and Christian worship. June Cooper is a social justice educator, visionary leader, and innovator who served as the Executive Director of City Mission Boston for 20 years, and currently serves as the Theologian in the City at Old South Church.

Revs. Price and Cooper will be honored during Phillis Wheatley Sunday, Old South’s annual celebration of the first published African American poetess. Wheatley joined Old South in 1771, and the church continues to celebrate the icon who opened doors for persons of color and enslaved persons across the country. At both their 9am and 11am worship services, Rev. Price III will preach a sermon entitled “The Faith of Our Mothers”. In between services, at 10am and 12pm, we will promenade to the Boston Women’s Memorial.

Also with us will be a small film crew which has been commissioned by the Museum of Science to create a documentary exploring the development of Boston and New England over 5000 years. Among others, the film will showcase our own Paula T. Hammond and, hanging on to her considerable coattails, Old South Church in Boston (for a portion of the film on innovation and revolution).

Here's a link to the press release: www.mos.org/press/press-releases/New-England-Omni-Film

About Paula Hammond: https://cheme.mit.edu/profile/paula-t-hammond/

About Emmett Price: www.berklee.edu/berklee-now/news/emmett-g-price-iii-named-dean-of-africana-studies


9 am First Worship in the Chapel with Emmett Price preaching

10 am Promenade to the Boston Women's Memorial (about four blocks) to visit the statue of Phillis Wheatley, sing Happy Birthday and enjoy cupcakes. The IMAX film crew will be waiting for us at the statue. While there is no formal church school, our loving staff will be ready to play and care on the 3rd floor all morning long.

11 am Festival Worship in the Sanctuary with Emmett Price preaching. The IMAX film crew will be in the Sanctuary filming Paula Hammond at worship, with you, if you are willing, in the pews. (If you do not wish to be caught on film, you may choose a balcony or ask an usher.) The director wants to film the opening procession and hymn, everyone standing, with Paula in the foreground and the congregation in the background. Paula will be seated in the front pew, left of the aisle as you enter. If you are willing to fill in behind her, and to be there before the opening hymn, all to the good!

The IMAX crew will also film six-year-old Lauren S’s (an Old Souther since birth) reading the day's scripture. Finally, they will film Dr. Price's sermon.

12 noon Following Festival Worship a second group of worshippers will promenade to the statue of Phillis Wheatley, sans the film crew, to fete Phillis, sing Happy Birthday and enjoy cupcakes.