Heard it at Council: February 2024

By Kate Silfen, Church Historian | February 13, 2024 Council Meeting Report

February’s busy council meeting began on a bittersweet note. The Reverend John Edgerton shared the news that after four productive years John Braught will be moving on to new adventures. As Old South’s very first Director of Operations, John Braught has set an example of excellence for future Directors. On his first day of work back in 2020, he literally put out a dumpster fire (in the alley). John Braught said the biggest privilege of working at Old South these past four years has been the opportunity to collaborate with so many gifted leaders.

Council reviewed several items of special business. Leadership Chair David Becker nominated a new slate of leaders and officers whose terms would begin after our Annual Meeting on March 3rd. The slate of nominees for standing committee membership was passed, and the proposed leadership slate for 2024 was endorsed by Council after a unanimous vote on each.

Stewardship Committee Chair Todd Krohne offered an update on this year’s stewardship season. Todd anticipates that the committee will be able to meet its goal of raising $1 million in pledges once they reach out to members who regularly pledge but have not yet had the chance to do so this year.

Finance Committee Chair Niels Peetz-Larsen shared the good news that Old South was able to close out the fiscal year with a surplus instead of the deficit the committee anticipated at this time last year.  This development was largely due to unexpected income from the preschool, lower-than-expected staffing and oil costs, and generous giving from the congregation at the end of the year. While the Finance Committee’s proposed budget for the coming year does anticipate a significant deficit, Old South’s considerable surplus will allow for unchanged levels of staffing for 2024. Council voted to approve the proposed budget.

In additional good news, Council learned that the Human Resources Committee has recommended that Old South begin the process of searching for a second Associate Minister. Council moved to authorize the Leadership Committee to prepare a slate of nominees to serve on a search committee. The Leadership Committee plans to present a list of nominees at our March Meeting. John Edgerton hopes to have a new associate minister in place by early 2025.