Heard it at Council: November 2022

By Kate Silfen, Church Historian | November  8, 2022

Council members enjoyed sharing good news at our busy November virtual meeting. Treasurer Bill Bulkeley was pleased to report that Old South’s financial picture is improving. Pledge payments have picked-up, and October saw an increase in building use. While we are still waiting for additional pledge payments, Bill is hopeful that we may end the fiscal year without an operating budget deficit.

Council received updates on the Senior Minister and Associate Minister searches. Senior Minister Search Committee Chair Maran Batalden offered a brief update on the committee’s work. The committee has created a rubric that they will use to evaluate candidate profiles. They have reviewed 16 profiles so far, and have identified nine possible candidates to interview after the holidays. In the meantime, the search committee continues to receive profiles from potential candidates. Interim Senior Minister Rick Spalding was grateful to report that the Associate Minister working group has interviewed four impressive candidates. They hope to have an announcement about a candidate soon.

This has been a busy season for both the Christian Service and Outreach Committee and the Micah Mission Fund Nominating Team. Caitlin Callahan reported that the Christian Service & Outreach Committee is proposing that this year’s grant awards go to three organizations that are doing important work in Boston and are Black-led. Brad Swing reported that the Micah Mission Fund Nominating Team would like to propose that the remaining funds for the year be distributed to Mass and Cass, Solutions at Work, and the Allston-Brighton Food Pantry. Council enthusiastically and unanimously approved these funding proposals.

Marie Hurd shared exciting news about a gentleman that Old South has helped support while he was in Sanctuary. The young man has received a permanent stay on his deportation and now has a work permit. He looks forward to visiting each of the congregations that have supported to express his gratitude in-person.

The Reverend Rick Spalding closed the November meeting with a prayer of thanksgiving for the hard work of Old South and its members.