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A Message from the Outreach Committee

In this time of great challenge, Old South Church knows the power of being a Christian community conscious of the most vulnerable among us. Thanks to you, we are blessed to provide grants totaling over $100,000 per year to phenomenal nonprofits working in Boston.

Many of you have indicated a desire to help our neighbors. Some have expressed your desire to pass on your stimulus check to a worthy cause. If you are in position to do so, the Christian Service and Outreach Committee recommends these grantees and the people that they serve as excellent stewards of your generosity.

  • common cathedral responds to the needs of Boston’s unhoused population with meals, companionship and community, support programs, referral to social service agencies, and spiritual care to those in hospitals and jails. Its ministers host Sunday worship on Boston Common, preceded by a lunch prepared by volunteers. Support common cathedral here.
  • City Mission’s A Lift Up works to prevent homelessness for single mothers and their families. They need our support now more than ever to meet basic needs for food, utility, and rental assistance. A donation of any amount is greatly appreciated.
  • Healthcare without Walls provides free, walk-in medical and advocacy care for women and their families at multiple shelter-based clinical sites, including Rosie’s Place and Women’s Lunch Place. Their Bridges to Elders program provides assistance with phone calls, transportation to appointments, and emotional support to patients with decreased mobility or declining mental status. The Bridges to Moms program focuses on pregnant mothers who face challenges in accessing medical care, which range from domestic abuse to transportation barriers. Healthcare without Walls welcomes a donation of any amount.
  • Bridge Over Troubled Waters serves 2,000 homeless, runaway, and at-risk youth in Boston each year. This work continues during the pandemic. Bridge staff are focused on ensuring that youth have a safe place to sleep; food to eat; mental health support; and access to healthcare, showers, and laundry facilities. You can support this vital work by
    • donating cleaning supplies (drop off M-F, 9am-5 pm at 47 West Street)
    • mailing a letter of support to the staff (write “staff encouragement” on the outside of the envelope and address to Carl Morton, 47 West Street, Boston, MA 02111)
    •  making a donation of any amount.
  • Silver Lining Mentoring provides mentoring and supportive relationships to foster youth in Massachusetts. Foster youth with mentors through Silver Lining Mentoring are 50% more likely to be employed than those without mentors and are seven times more likely to enroll in college. The organization is closely in touch with youth to better understand their needs. You can donate via their website here.
  • Smart from the Start programming addresses family support, community engagement, and school readiness for children from low-income families. During these challenging times, Smart from the Start is providing families with necessities such as food and diapers, and with activities to help keep children engaged and learning. Staff are continuing to support parents directly through the use of Zoom conferencing, and helping families maintain connectedness. Smart from the Start is particularly struggling to find sufficient diapers during this time. You can donate on their website.

In addition to highlighting the ways that individual members of the congregation can support our grantees, the Christian Service and Outreach Committee is grateful that Council has approved our motion to provide our multi-year grantees with the option to receive their next grant installment in May instead of December.


Finally, mindful of the impact the pandemic is having on members of our own Old South community, we have designated our $5,000 Emergency Fund to be distributed by our clergy to congregation members in need of support during these trying times. Do you need help? Let them know.


Be safe. Be well. Stay home. We’ll get through this.


Marie Hurd, Chair

Virginia Berman

Toby Bottorf

Paul Brouillette

Caitlin Callahan

Carolyn Clark

Phil Dearing

Sara Donahue

Diana Kim

Erica Meyer

Amo Ngoepe

Beth Nicklas

Ann Rogers