Architectural detail of window arches on Old South Church in Boston

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Old South Achieves Level 1 of Green Congregation Challenge

Old South has achieved Level One of the Massachusetts Conference’s Green Congregation Challenge, joining more than 25 other churches statewide.  The recognition was announced at the Earth Day Festival Worship service, as flags of planet earth taken from space draped the wooden doors of the church and hung from the pulpit.  Barbara Darling, head of the MACUCC Environmental Ministries Task Team, presented a plaque of recognition and a stole to the church. 

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Level One recognition required accomplishing 12 action steps of Old South’s choosing to reduce the church’s carbon footprint and to encourage more sustainable lifestyles among church members.

These steps have included changing church lighting to LEDs, lowering water heater temperatures, and installing low-flow faucets.  In addition, the church bulletin and website has begun publishing “Green tips” each week to encourage church members to work towards more sustainable lifestyles.  And the Climate Change Task Force is inviting various speakers to speak on subjects related to climate disruption and care for God’s creation.

“The Climate Change Task Force and its working groups are gaining momentum,” said Richard Hassinger, chair of the Climate Change Environmental Stewardship working group.  “We are excited to achieve Level One recognition and have many ideas to do much more to increase the church’s engagement with what should be undeniable—the existential threat of climate change.”       

A celebration of the Level One achievement took place at coffee hour, featuring informational panels provided by Environmental Stewardship working group, and a “B’EARTH DAY” cake. 

The Environmental Stewardship working group has set a goal of achieving Level Two recognition by Earth Day, 2020.