Architectural detail of window arches on Old South Church in Boston

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Old South Church open source encyclopedia

Old South's Open Source Encyclopedia Project

As we prepare to celebrate our 350th anniversary in 2019, we are compiling and writing an encyclopedia of theological, historical and whimsical entries about our church.

We need volunteers to do research and write entries for the encyclopedia. 

To participate, visit to find guidelines applicable to submissions (or follow the link below) and a list of topics. Topics being researched and written are in red, and those that are not are in black. You may also write on a topic that is not yet listed in the index.

Email with your name, phone number, the topic you want to research and submit an essay on, and your connection to the topic. We will then send you instructions for how to submit your research, including a deadline. Deadlines will usually be several weeks later. If you want to research a topic that has already been chosen, please either choose an alternative or indicate in your email that you’d like to collaborate with the person currently working on that topic. The project's administrator will contact you to discuss who the other person is who is working on that topic and how to communicate with them.

Entry submissions will be posted periodically.  If you have questions or suggestions to edit or correct posted submissions, email these to

If you do not have access to the internet, a written copy of the list of topics of possible entries, a submission form and instructions for submitting your suggestions and essays may be obtained at the church's reception desk. If you find a topic you’re interested in, please call 617-536-1970 and ask for Rebecca Bowler to indicate your interest.

Participation Information & Topic List