Architectural detail of window arches on Old South Church in Boston

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A Pre-Election Message from the Ministers

We live in perilous times. An insidious and lurking virus, a decimated economy, racism laid bare, schools in disarray, a shuddering climate, our schedules and rhythms disrupted, and, not least, on the eve of a national election our country feels more like two countries - or three or four countries - than one country.

Yet, we are not without resources. We are not without agency. The Christian Church and the Old South Church have witnessed, navigated, and survived untold terrors over millennia and centuries. The church has lived to give witness to God's love, God's help, God's faithfulness in the fiercest of social disruptions.

We are not without resources. The resources of our faith, of science, the capacity for adaptation, and communication technologies. We are not without agency. The agency of good will, cooperation, neighborliness, and defiant hope.

To that end, we have compiled opportunities and resources. Wringing our hands in despair does no one any good. Outrage has its place, but action is what is needed now. Do some good. Take action. Join forces and come together. Storm heaven with your prayers. And vote!

We've got this Old South Church.

In the faith,
Nancy, Shawn, Katherine, June, Don, Amo, Thomas

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