Rev. Katherine Schofield Called to New Church

Dear Old South Church,

I wanted to let you know that my time as your Interim Associate Minister will be drawing to a close in the next few months. I have been called to a new ministry as Pastor of the First Parish Church of Manchester-by-the-Sea. I will begin my new position in January, and will remain at Old South through November. My final Sunday with you will be Sunday, November 26th. 

I am so grateful to you all for an amazing five years together. Through the ups and downs and many transitions you all stayed the course, lifted one another (and me) up, and continued to tackle challenges of all kinds. It has been such a gift to learn from you and with you, to build genuine friendships and connections, to dive deep in our spiritual lives together, and always to come together in prayer, and praise, and in the breaking of bread. I will miss you all very much, but I'll continue to hold you in prayer and may still step through the "Open Door" on occasion. I am also able to rest in the assurance that I leave you in excellent hands - that of your clergy and staff - and God's too!

May the Still Speaking God go with you - and with me!


Dearest Old South Church,

We’ve all grown accustomed in different ways to change. That’s one of the amazing things about Old South Church—the world comes walking through our doors as we stand here on Copley Square. The most wonderful members, the most talented staff, the most devoted and gifted ministers. We sojourn together for a season and then continue on our journeys. We are so grateful to God for having sent Katherine to us five years ago. Her ministry has occurred during five of the most challenging and important years of our congregation’s history. And throughout, Katherine has been faithful, creative, steady, warm, and—in a word—pastoral. We’re so grateful and wish her godspeed as she continues to follow the Holy Spirit’s call in her life. We’ll have more opportunities to celebrate Katherine - please keep your eyes on the Announcements Page and weekly emails for more information.

I’m sure you’re also wondering what Katherine’s departure will mean for the pastoral team at Old South. Church Council was apprised earlier this month of this transition, and work on some “next steps” will begin in earnest at the October Council meeting. We’re not in any huge rush, and as a church we’ll take seriously and prayerfully the task of pastoral call in collaboration with the Southern New England Conference staff and leaders. 

There’s plenty of time for that later, but for today the order of business is huge and heartfelt gratitude to Katherine for wonderful ministry among us these past five years.

Thanks be to God for Her good and faithful servant, Katherine!

John Edgerton
Senior Minister
Old South Church in Boston

Phil Stern
Church Council Moderator
Old South Church in Boston