Twenty-First Senior Minister Search

The Old South Church in Boston, a progressive, open and affirming, 600-member historic, urban congregation of the United Church of Christ, is seeking its 21st Senior Minister.

From the founding of our nation and for 350 years, we the people of Old South Church in Boston have been seeking to love God with all our hearts, minds, soul, and strength and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Bound up, as we are, in the history of this country, we are both proud and repentant. We have been strengthened for service in years past until now by excellent leadership, faithful stewardship of abundant resources, and the extraordinary gifts of countless committed and capable members.  

We are ready to fling open even wider our already open door to welcome more diversity and we are also hungry to deepen our connections with one another in beloved community.  We are committed to ministries of mercy and justice and beauty, eager to play our part in the healing of the world. We are ready to work on ourselves and to join with others on dismantling racism and cultivating a sustainable relationship to the earth. We love to come together in worship where we expect to be fed, challenged, and charged – moved by word and music whether we meet physically in our resplendent church home or virtually through the blessing of technology. 

We know this is a big and potentially daunting job. But you will not be working alone as our Senior Minister. We are ready to help you. We are seeking a human being who is ready to share their own journey, to partner with us and with God to be the church of today and tomorrow, co-authoring a new chapter in our long story. Do not be afraid to apply if you are different than our senior ministers of the past. We are open to where you might take us.  

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