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Small Groups

Christians are not lone rangers. We need each other. Following Jesus requires intentionality and happens best within relationships where we are known and stretched and supported. 

If you seek to deepen your experience of community, cultivate spiritual friendships, and grow in your faith, consider joining a Small Group at Old South Church.

OPEN Small Groups

Open Small Groups are clergy-led, casual, lower-commitment, and friendly to drop-ins. Show up when you can, no advance notice needed!

‘Fun-and-Not-Scary, at-a-Snail’s-Pace Read Through of the Whole Bible’ Study 

Thursdays, 7 pm. Led by Jonathan Mason Wolfe

This group gathers weekly to study – and savor – the scriptures: to take them chapter by chapter, book by book, skipping nothing … not even the genealogies (because there is cool, interesting stuff in them, too!). Reading the Bible through in this way – called lectio continua – opens up a new world of allusions, parallels, and rich insights. Join Harvard Divinity School PhD student Jonathan Mason Wolfe and get ready to geek out!

 Lectionary Bible Study

Sundays, 10 am.

Did the sermon at First Worship pique your curiosity and leave you wanting more? Or do you want to study the scripture in advance of the Festival Worship sermon – so you can help keep the minister honest?! Engage the preached scripture text for the week in depth and detail and enjoy the lively discussion facilitated by our Boston University School of Theology Seminarian Rebecca Bowler.

SEASONAL Small Groups

Seasonal Small Groups are member-led, and form and re-form throughout the year. Participants commit to 3 months of (more or less – hey, life happens!) weekly meetings. It is our experience that this is about how long it takes to make spiritual, relational magic happen! After 3 months’ time, groups may decide to recommit to one another and continue gathering, or to disband and join new Small Groups.

Small Groups generally form for the September to November, January to March, and April to June seasons; however, we will gladly form new groups between ‘terms’, depending on interest.

We strive to put Small Groups together that will work well for all participants: that meet where and where you can get to them, that take up topics you find intriguing, and that are peopled by others you want to get to know (branch out and meet members who are different from you, or build a community of peers with whom you might already have a lot in common?). So we ask that you take a few minutes and fill out the informational form at the bottom of this page; it will provide us the details we need in forming groups.

Note: By filling out the survey, you are not making a firm commitment, just expressing interest and inviting our Small Groups Coordinator, Martha Schick, to be in touch with you.