Children & Youth

Juniper Mai

Juniper Mai is a non-binary pianist from Denver, Colorado. Their introduction to music came from their family-- who taught them to play the Vietnamese sáo trúc-- and only later fell in love with the piano at age 11. They are an alum of the Lamont Summer Music Academy as well as the Kent State Piano Institute. In 2018, they began their studies with Professor Linda Jiorle-Nagy at Boston University. In 2021, they earned a B.M. in Piano Performance and a B.A. in Linguistics. They also work as a research coordinator in cancer research and have aspirations for medical school.

Aislin Kate Anderson

Aislin Kate Anderson (she/her/hers) grew up in Oak Ridge, TN and discovered a love of music, singing, and rhythm through school, the Appalachian Museum, and the Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Ridge where she joined the adult choir at age 8.

Summer Marsh

Summer became the Director of Old South Preschool in 2021, after transitioning from her long-time role as a Green Room teacher, which she began in 2002. In many ways the school feels like home to her, and she strives to make sure it feels that way for her students as well. Prior to Old South, she taught at a preschool in Newton as well as at a school for children with autism in Southborough. It was summertime when she interviewed for a job at Old South, so the classrooms were empty when she visited, but something about the building and the space just felt right.

Kate Nintcheu

Kate Nintcheu has served as our Director of Children & Family Ministries since 2014, leading a team of staff and volunteers who teach church school classes, provide safe and reliable childcare, and lead our students in music and worship arts. She serves on the Christian Formation committee, hosts all-church inter-generational activities, and works to equip and encourage parents as the primary faith leaders to their children.