350th Anniversary

May 12, 1669 was the first gathering of Old South. In the 350 years since, we've taken bold stances and pursued justice and mercy. The church of Benjamin Franklin and Samuel Adams, of Phillis Wheatley and the Boston Tea Party, we continue to make history in the 21st century. And we think that deserves some celebration!

As such, we declare Old South’s 350th as a Year of Jubilee. In Judaism and Christianity, the Year of Jubilee occurred every 50 years and was a special year for penitence and transformation.  The Year itself created a unique environment for daring acts of ethical imagination, such as liberation of prisoners and slaves, debt forgiveness, redistribution of land, and relief to the poor. We will be marking this momentous occasion in a variety of ways over the course of the year - read on to learn more.

Special Projects

A number of our committees and task forces are working on projects in honor of our 350th annivesary. They include:

TELLING THE STORY: This year wee have mounted an image-filled timeline in the lobby that highlights the 12 generations of Old South members. We’re also writing our very own encyclopedia, titled “Concise Encyclopedia: Theological, Historical & Whimsical of Old South Church in Boston”. We're looking for volunteers to do research and write entries; click here for more information. Finally, speakers will enlighten us on topics of particular relevance to Old South. 


  • A devotional—Weekly Expressions of Faith—written by Old South members and clergy will inspire throughout the year. In addition to a print edition, we've created an online version, which you can read by clicking here. 
  • Kindness Counts Campaign: As we live our faith, we will promote and document Acts of Kindness throughout 2019. Old Southers of all ages can participate in a visual tracking of acts small and large. Click here to learn about our "Kindness Counts" Campaign. 
  • We are establishing special opportunities for service through Snowden International School and through urban mission actions. Click here to learn about our partnership with Snowden.