Interview with Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Each year, Old South Church provides three-year financial grants of varying amounts to five Boston-based organizations whose work best serves those in need. We have interviewed representatives from each of the organizations so you can get to know them, and their work, a little better.

In this week's interview, Caitlin Callahan from the Christian Service and Outreach Committee interviews Melissa Cording, the Director of Development at Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Bridge Over Troubled Waters is Boston's foremost organization dedicated to transforming the lives of unhoused and high-risk youth through safe, supportive and encouraging relationships, as well as providing effective services guiding youth towards self-sufficiency. They serve 2000 youth in Boston each year, their work became even more critical during the pandemic, as many more youth found themselves unhoused.

Old South's support has helped extend their services beyond the winter into the Spring - something they've piloted the last 3 years. Their work has been critical through the pandemic, ensuring youth have a safe place to sleep, food to eat, mental health support, access to healthcare, showers, and laundry facilities. November is National Youth Awareness month, we can join in to support them by raising awareness about unhoused youth - many people don't know youth experience homelessness. With the Winter coming along, they might also have additional requests for PPE.