Interview with Silver Linings Mentoring

Each year, Old South Church provides three-year financial grants of varying amounts to five Boston-based organizations whose work best serves those in need. We have interviewed representatives from each of the organizations so you can get to know them, and their work, a little better.

This week's interview features Silver Lining Mentoring. Silver Lining Mentoring empowers youth in foster care to thrive through committed mentoring relationships and the development of essential life skills. They are the only organization in Massachusetts exclusively focused on youth impacted by foster care.

In today's interview, Marie Hurd and Phil Dearing speak with the Executive Director of Silver Lining Mentoring, Barbara Best. Barbara shares how children in foster care experience strain in relationships as they are constantly uprooted, with about 8 moves every 3 years. Silver Lining Mentoring supports many of these children by creating stability and consistency by placing them in long-term steady relationships with one adult. The ways in which Old South can get involved are by becoming a mentor, providing financial support, offering skill specific coaching, considering becoming a foster parent, and generally creating awareness.