Meet Our Partners: Health Care Without Walls Part I

Old South has five grantees who receive $20,000/yr over a three year period, we have taken time to interview them so you all can know them a little better.

This week, Marie Hurd and Diana Kim interview Healthcare Without Walls, an organisation that seeks to improve the lives of women who are homeless or marginally housed through quality health care, education and advocacy.

In this interview we speak with Dr. Roseanna Means, the founder, president and chief medical officer who shares how the organization came to be. We also speak to Jeannie Chou, the Nurse Practitioner for Bridges to Elders sited at the Women’s Lunch Place, the program we are supporting at Old South.

Next week, we will hear from Adelina Vega, the Community Health Educator for Bridges to Elders who will share more on what the day-to-day looks like, as well as hear more about how Old South can get involved.