Guilt and the Cross: A Lenten Reflection

We have now entered the Lenten Season. It is a time of retrospection as to how we are doing in our journey as disciples of Jesus and, also, a time for the recommitting of ourselves to the work of God in the world. May we all be open to the leading of the Spirit as we work our way toward Holy Week. But there is one thing, in my opinion, from which we need to be relieved: namely the notion that our sins crucified Jesus. The Romans crucified Jesus. They were the only ones who had the authority to carry out a death sentence. Not you; not me.


An Alternate View of the Cross

We are now well into the Lenten Season; a very important time in the life of the Christian Community worldwide. It is a time for deep reflection as well as honest repentance. It is a time to begin shaping responses that will lead us in new and creative directions as we live out our discipleship in the midst of a rather cruel, hateful and divisive world. Indeed, it is a time to take stock of where we are and where we need to go as we journey towards Holy Week, the Cross and beyond. No small order.